TRANSPORTE GRÁTIS de vinda dos móveis, volumes ou documentos.
(Para box de até 9m². Raio de até 20Km do galpão. Contrato mínimo de 3 meses)


Understand how we work and what are our services

The Rent-a-Box is a company specialized in self-storage. Whe are located in 5 different neighborhoods : Bairro do Limão / SP, Belenzinho, Interlagos in Sao Caetano do Sul / SP ans Santos/SP. This service, already widespread in other countries consist in renting boxes of varying sizes where the customer can store anything they want with total privacy and security.

The goal of self storage is to solve the space problem. Companies store archive, families store furniture during reforms or moving , or workers that need to stock products.

The Rent-a-Box has full-service self storage, with boxes of various sizes, 24-hour security and insurance . In addition, the Rent-a-Box is easy to rent with no hassles and you only pay for days used. We receive mail orders to your space and offer carts for internal transport of goods.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping within a 50km radius of our warehouse.
This offer is valid only for bringing in the volumes and for contracts for 3 months or more.

Call and check: 55 11 4226-5056
To receive more information in English please send emails to

The main difference of a self storage service is privacy. The client keeps its objects in a private space to which access is exclusive. Another important factor of self storage at Rent-a-Box is security. The boxes are metal structure, completely safe and secure, closed by the customer’s own padlock.

In the service of self storage space is calculated in cubic meters. To get a sense of space, imagine that the entire contents of an apartment of 100m ² can be stored in a box of 27m ³, approximately 9m ². Learn more about space and the services offered by Rent-a-Box Watch our video Tur.